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About the Program

Rice University alumnus Douglas Harlan (Class of ‘64) generously donated the funds for founding the Douglas S. Harlan Program in State Elections, Campaigns, and Politics. The main goal of the Harlan Program is to provide resources and easy-to-access information state politics and policymaking. The Harlan Program will consist of several components: a website serving as a resource to those interested in state politics; a repository of data collected by political scientists and practitioners studying state politics; an archive collection donated to the program by Douglas Harlan; and outreach to and training of newly elected local and state officials. The archive will contain campaign materials for state offices and other state documents on state institutions and laws.

Douglas Harlan graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Rice University in English in 1964. He also received a master’s degree from Duke University in political science (1965), a doctorate from the University of Texas at Austin in government (1967), and a law degree from University of Texas in 1973. In addition to practicing law from 22 years, he also taught political science and served in the federal government. Harlan published over 600 articles in a variety of publications, including Texas Monthly, The American Journal of Criminal Law, and Texas newspapers. Harlan was also a member on many volunteer boards and commissions, such as the Alamo Community College District and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.